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Biological Sciences
     Dardis, Deborah ddardis@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Sever, David w0311163@selu.edu Professor
Chemistry and Physics
     Blanchard, Gerard gblanchard@selu.edu Professor
     Little, Georgina Georgina.Little@selu.edu Instructor
     Norwood, David dnorwood@selu.edu Associate Professor
College of Education and Human Development
     Calderon, Paula w0589185@selu.edu
     Daigle, Debbie w0265171@selu.edu
     Silk, Brenda brenda.silk@selu.edu
College of Science and Technology
     Lorenzen, Janelle w0031655@selu.edu Instructor
     Vargas, Maria Maria.Vargas-2@selu.edu
Educational Leadership and Technology
     Adams, Nan Nan.Adams@selu.edu Professor
     Bernard, Arthur w0388308@selu.edu
     Blacher-Wilson, Felicia Felicia.Blacher-Wilson@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     Campbell, Kathleen ktcampbell@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Crain-Dorough, Mindy Mindy.Dorough@selu.edu Associate Professor
     DeVaney, Thomas tdevaney@selu.edu Professor
     Elder, Adam adam.elder@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     Ennis, Willie Willie.Ennis@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Fink, Ray w0439858@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     Griggs, Dana w0589084@selu.edu
     Hatcher, John w0589085@selu.edu
     Hoffman, Sharon sharon.hoffman@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     Hurst, Byron w0247276@selu.edu
     Johnston, Ashley ajohnston@selu.edu
     Lane, Ken Kenneth.Lane@selu.edu Professor
     Mense, Evan evan.mense@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     Messina, Shawn Shawn.Messina@selu.edu Instructor
     Oescher, Jeff Jeffrey.Oescher@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Schexnayder, David w0218382@selu.edu
     Smith, Wade W0167809@selu.edu
     Stedrak, Luke W0589562@selu.edu
     Stringer, James james.stringer@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     Sughrue, Jennifer w0518087@selu.edu
     Tillman, Raphael w0492425@selu.edu
     Wheat, Jennifer w0102701@selu.edu
     Whitlock, Katherine w0262168@selu.edu
     Williams, Daniel dwilliams@selu.edu
     Brown, Michelle w0519546@selu.edu
     Dorrill, George w0180462@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Hanson, David w0180540@selu.edu Professor
     Pitre, Leilya w0357265@selu.edu
     Wiemelt, Jeffrey w0180579@selu.edu
Fine & Performing Arts
     Stoughton, Derek w0589014@selu.edu
History and Political Science
     Anderson, Angie aanderson2@selu.edu Instructor
     Burns, Barbara Barbara.Burns@selu.edu Instructor
     Elliott, Charles XHGV1163@selu.edu Instructor
     Hyde, Jr., Samuel w0181403@selu.edu Professor
     Price, Benjamin w0339853@selu.edu Instructor
     Robison, William wrobison@selu.edu Professor
Kinesiology and Health Studies
     Altazin, Valerie w0048966@selu.edu
     Athey, Bing w0175734@selu.edu Instructor
     Cole, Diane dcole@selu.edu Instructor
     Dugas, Louis w0158746@selu.edu Instructor
     Hebert, Edward ehebert@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Humphries, Charlotte chumphries@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Hurtt, Dee w0282861@selu.edu Instructor
     Morgan, Kristen kristen.morgan@selu.edu
     Naquin, Mildred w0181030@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Otundo, Joseph w0473263@selu.edu
Languages & Communication
     Gutthy, Agnieszka w0180399@selu.edu Professor
     Harrison, Lucia lharrison@selu.edu Professor
     Javaherian, Cheryll w0180732@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Miller-Drufner, Terri tmiller-drufner@selu.edu Instructor
     Mirando, Joseph w0011195@selu.edu Professor
     Parker, Jerry Jerry.Parker@selu.edu Instructor
     Sanchez, Mariela w0285295@selu.edu Instructor
     Terrillion, Sue w0180600@selu.edu Instructor
     Acosta, Danny dacosta2@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Golding, Tena tgolding@selu.edu Professor
     Hudson, Timothy thudson@selu.edu Professor
     Kirkpatrick, Ann akirkpatrick@selu.edu Instructor
     Miller, Elizabeth emiller@selu.edu Instructor
Music and Dramatic/Performing Arts
     Frechou, Paul w0109389@selu.edu
Teaching and Learning
     Acosta, Richelle Richelle.Acosta@selu.edu Instructor
     Ahrend, Jordan w0264364@selu.edu
     Ainsworth, Mary Mary.Ainsworth@selu.edu Instructor
     Allen, Wendy w0589351@selu.edu
     Anzelmo-Skelton, Nicki nanzelmo-skelton@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Ashy, Madge madgea@aol.com Instructor
     Aucoin, Heloise Heloise.Aucoin@selu.edu Instructor
     Autin, Gwendolyn Gwendolyn.Autin@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Barrere, Donna w0103230@selu.edu
     Barry, Jill w0156948@selu.edu
     Bass, Mary smbassbr@cox.net Instructor
     Beard, Christopher cbeard@selu.edu Instructor
     Beckers, Gerlinde w0016093@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     Berry, Elizabeth bberry@selu.edu Instructor
     Boudreaux, Fay w0307330@selu.edu
     Brooks, Virginia w0561027@selu.edu
     Burcham, Rebekah w0560835@selu.edu Instructor
     Caillouet, Lindsey w0260345@selu.edu
     Coglaiti, Sheryl w0247119@selu.edu
     Eames, Nikki w0182081@selu.edu
     Echols, Celina cechols@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Edwards, Cheryl cedwards@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Elliott, Cynthia celliott@selu.edu Professor
     Felder, Mary mfelder@selu.edu Instructor
     Fitzsimmons, Katie w0229175@selu.edu
     Garcia, Stacy Stacy.Garcia@selu.edu
     Gautreaux, Denise Denise.Gautreaux@selu.edu
     Goodwin, Paul Paul.Goodwin@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     Hailey, Debra Jo w0560978@selu.edu
     Hitt, Lacy w0589563@selu.edu
     Hutchinson, Robyn w0490773@selu.edu
     Jacob, Shirley Shirley.Jacob@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Jacocks, Wendy Wendy.Jacocks@selu.edu Instructor
     Jemison, Stacy Stacy.Jemison@selu.edu Instructor
     Kea, Lisa Lisa.Kea@selu.edu
     Keith, James w0067733@selu.edu
     Kirylo, James jkirylo@selu.edu Professor
     Klein-Ezell, Colleen Colleen.Klein-Ezell@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Kumar, Tracey w0561013@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     LaCaze, Donna Donna.Lacaze@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     Le, Amy w0470155@selu.edu
     Lemoine, Melanie melanie.lemoine@selu.edu
     Mayberry, Michele w0174259@selu.edu Instructor
     Mayeaux, Amanda w0459640@selu.edu Instructor
     McCarthy, Deborah Deborah.Mccarthy@selu.edu Associate Professor
     McMillan, John w0585883@selu.edu
     Perilloux, Dana w0108175@selu.edu
     Ratcliff, Ellen mratcliff@selu.edu Assistant Professor
     Redmond, Carol w0285700@selu.edu
     Ruybalid, Michael Michael.Ruybalid@selu.edu Instructor
     Sawyer, Susan Susan.Sawyer@selu.edu Instructor
     Scherer, Mary Ellen Mary.Scherer@selu.edu Instructor
     Schulte, Paige Paige.Schulte@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Siegel, Wendy wsiegel@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Singleton, Reneisha Reneisha.Cherry@selu.edu
     Sorbet, Stefanie Stefanie.Sorbet@selu.edu Instructor
     Steib, Pattie psteib@selu.edu
     Stewart, Jean w0085557@selu.edu
     Ter Haar, Carol w0211995@selu.edu Staff
     Thornhill, Martha Martha.Thornhill@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Tullier-Holly, Denise dtullier-holly@selu.edu
     Vega-Montalvo, Marylea Marylea.Vega-Montalvo@selu.edu
     Vinyard, Gloria w0105741@selu.edu Instructor
     Vitter, Cherissa w0441852@selu.edu
     Wadlington, Elizabeth bwadlington@selu.edu Professor
     Wallace, Renae W0046832@selu.edu
     Walters, Letitia w0151619@selu.edu
     Wilson, Melissa melissa.wilson-5@selu.edu
     Wilt-prats, Amy amy.wilt-prats@southeastern.edu
     Yates, Camille cyates@selu.edu Associate Professor
     Young, Valerie w0588818@selu.edu
     Zimlich, Susan w0518041@selu.edu Associate Professor
Visual Arts
     Finley, Kim Kim.Finley@selu.edu Associate Professor

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